Stan Crowley 2

We Would See Jesus

Speaker: Stan Crowley


April 10 - 13, 2005
201 North Maple Avenue, Suite 201 Purcellville, VA 20132

In a series of 6 lessons, we will examine what we need to see in Jesus: His fervor, His commitment His love, His doctrine, and His great expectation.

SUNDAY (Class) 10:00 AM Jesus: The Revolutionary listensave
Jesus was an infiltrating, recruiting, willing-to-pay-the-price revolutionary.
Are you?

SUNDAY 11:00 A.M. Jesus: A Man of Commitment listen save
Success always begins with commitment.
Jesus lived His life with a commitment to His cross.
Do we understand commitment?

SUNDAY 6:30 P.M. Jesus: The Love that Compels listen save
Paul said that Christ's love compels us to faithful service.
If we understand the love, we will gladly serve.

MONDAY 7:30 P.M. Jesus: The Way to Eternal Life listen save pdf
All who desire the blessings of the life that exists in Christ Jesus
must understand what the Scriptures teach about the start of that new life.

TUESDAY 7:30 P.M. Jesus: The Teacher of True Worship listen save pdf
When man separates worship from the law of Christ, it is "vain" worship.

WEDNESDAY 7:30 P.M. Jesus: His Call to Full Service listen save
When will you be ready to accept the responsibilities of your cross?

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