Jerry Brewer

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Speaker: Jerry Brewer


Jerry Brewer is a native Texan. He preached his first sermon at age 16, doing appointment preaching in his teenage years. He later attended the Elk City, Oklahoma School of Preaching under the directorship of W. R. Craig, and has done local work in Texas and Oklahoma. He is a frequent lectureship speaker and has authored a commentary on Galatians. He and his son, Nathan, currently share preaching duties for the Northeast church of Christ in Elk City, Oklahoma. He is married to the former Sherlene Holley of Carter, Oklahoma. They have six children, 15 grandchildren and are expecting their first great grandchild.
August 26
10:00 AM
We Must Have Bible Authority                        watch listen save
August 26
11:00 AM
All Things - Romans 8:28                               watch listen save
August 26
06:30 PM
Strict And Loose Constructionists                    watch listen save
August 27
07:30 PM
The Church: What It Is And What It Is For        watch listen save
August 28
07:30 PM
A Biblical Look At Baptism                              watch listen save
August 29
07:30 PM
Believing A Lie                                               watch listen save

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